United States Steel Family Medical Center

Welcome to USSFMC

We hope this year has begun well for all of you.  The USS Family Medical Center staff would like to say “thank you” for allowing us to be part of your health care team.  We know that you have many choices when it come to your health care and we appreciate that you have entrusted us. 

As we enter into our 20th year of service to you, we have many patients that have been with us since we opened.  We have physicians that have been with us for over 15 years and they have established a solid patient base.  During this year, we will have two new physicians join our practice.  We know that they will only add to the excellent team of physicians that are presently at the medical center.

Patients that utilize the medical center will continue to receive ancillary services (lab, x-ray, mammography) at no additional cost at the time of service.  Our pharmacy provides fast and accurate services on premises, so you do not have leave the medical center.  Our wellness coordinator provides one on one patient education as well as leads group education classes that are open to all patients.  These programs are provided at no cost to the patient and family members are welcome to come to the programs also.

All patients that are eligible to utilize the medical center can still use the pharmacy at the medical center.  Those patients that have received new prescription insurance cards are welcome to continue or start using the USSFMC pharmacy.  Mike, the pharmacy manager, is always available to answer any questions.  Call Mike at 219-756-4340.

 We look forward to seeing each of you throughout the year.  Please return to the website for any updates about the medical center, upcoming wellness programs or special announcements.  We continue to be your USSFMC, “people helping people”.